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In the Russian Federation, the development of new technologies and the ecosystem supporting their implementation, remains one of the key drivers for diversification of the country’s economy. Technologies such as AI hold the promise of solving some of society’s most pressing issues, but also present risks, such as inscrutable algorithms, unethical use of data and potential job displacement. Currently, the country is building a National AI Strategy that will help address those challenges and focus on deploying a safe and responsible technology capable of increasing the economic potential. The Global Future Council on Russia will look at the global discourse around adopting national- level digital economy strategies, with an emphasis on AI. The group of international and Russian stakeholders will together address these issues, based on international best practices and solutions.


Maxim Oreshkin, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

Elena Bunina, Chief Executive Officer; Director, Human Resources, Yandex, Russian Federation

Council Manager:

Anastasia Kalinina, Head of Regional Agenda – Eurasia, World Economic Forum