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Scale360º is a global partnership aimed at fast-tracking fourth industrial revolution principles in the circular economy by supporting bottom-up innovation and entrepreneurship. Building on the Harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution for the Circular Economy Consumer Electronics and Plastics Packaging report, Scale360° is building a circular innovation communities and programming around the world.


The initiative's partner-led programs seek to surface, support, and connect 4IR technology innovations with private and public sector stakeholders to address barriers to scaling solutions that help transition away from take-make-waste models.


In November 2019, the first national chapter of Scale360 was established in the United Arab Emirates in collaboration with Ministries of Artificial Intelligence and Environment and Climate Change, which pledged to “promote Scale360 to existing and future projects in order to ensure the conservation of resources, greater reliance on clean energy, [and] then application of sustainable development standards.” Since then, the Government of Chile, Google, SOFOFA, and IDEO have also signed on as partners.


Scale360° connects global and local actors to help create effective circular innovation ecosystems. To accelerate the adoption of 4IR solutions for the circular economy, Scale360° supports partnerships formed at local, national, and regional levels to deliver programming to support circular innovation. 


Scale360° Circular Innovation Playbook


The Playbook provides an actionable methodology for partnerships to assess marketplace challenges, select an approach, and get started on delivering circular innovation activities. The multimedia toolkit incorporates learnings from partners and was specifically designed to support Scale360° partners.


The Innovation Playbook is the main tool of an actionable and multimedia toolkit specifically designed to help implementation partners grow innovation ecosystems. Implementation partners are advocates for circular economy innovation who want to drive change in their local, national, regional or global context. The playbook helps partners and their supporting Advisory Boards, assess how they can have an impact and take action.


The Scale360°Action Group


The national programs connect into the diverse global community of innovators, investors, public sector stakeholders, and businesses in need of circular solutions hosted on UpLink, a World Economic Forum innovation platform where community members can share challenges, innovations, lessons learned, and opportunities.


The UpLink Action Group connects our stakeholders around the world. It serves as a digital “home” for those who are interested in circular innovation and/or who participated in Scale360° programming in local, national, or regional markets. Scale360° seeks to harness the tools of UpLink to provide a collaborative innovation platform for existing circular communities and new voices to share information and experience across geographical and sectorial lines.

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