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The Forum of Young Global Leaders is a community of over 800 enterprising, socially-minded men and women selected under the age of 40, who operate as a force for good to overcome barriers that elsewhere stand in the way of progress. The community is made up of leaders from all walks of life, from every region of the world, and from every stakeholder group in society.

The community’s mission is built on three objectives:

1. Action and Impact:

To operate as a force for good, scaling individual and collective solutions to global and local challenges.

2. Collaboration and Community:

To build a global community of peers who capitalise on diverse talents, experiences, and networks to achieve more together than they could separately.

3. Leadership and Learning:

To transform leaders through personal and collective experiences that build knowledge and engender better understandings of global, regional and industry issues.

Nominated under the age of 40, Young Global Leaders (YGLs) are proposed through a qualified nomination process and assessed according to rigorous selection criteria that creates a diverse and truly representative body, while accepting only the very best leaders who have already demonstrated their commitment to serving society at large.

Throughout the five year programme, YGLs are fully involved in the Forum’s meetings, initiatives and research and interact with the Forum’s wider multistakeholder community. YGLs have a powerful role in determining the community’s activities. They are governed by a foundation board of respected leaders and are managed by a dynamic team of young professionals based in Geneva and China. Set up as an independent, not-for-profit foundation under the Swiss government, the Forum of Young Global Leaders is an integral part of the World Economic Forum.