COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs

We need social entrepreneurs now, more than ever. The COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs was launched in April 2020 to mobilize support for social entrepreneurs on the frontlines of the crisis. These vital first responders have a key role to play in driving an inclusive recovery.

Spotlight | Building Inclusive, Sustainable Value Chains through Responsible and Social Sourcing

The COVID-19 crisis has made clear the need to rethink value chains so that they work better for people and societies. Learn more about why social procurement makes business sense, be inspired by our list of 100 'corporate ready ventures' that went live this month, or dive into the 'how to' of transforming procurement practices on our #BuySocial section here.

Our 2021 Roadmap

Periods of crisis can drive cooperation and solidarity and give rise to new and better ways of doing things. Our 2021 Roadmap lists over 20 projects that members of the Alliance are driving. Together.

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5 Actions you can take

Through our COVID Action Agenda, Alliance members call on their peers to stand by social entrepreneurs during and through the crisis. Pledge your support and take the actions that are right for you.

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Our India campaign

The experiences of social entrepreneurs working in the last mile of India’s response are as inspiring as they are insightful. They offer vital lessons for future response efforts and other regions battling outbreaks.

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For decades, social entrepreneurs have served vulnerable populations and served as pioneers of a new normal. Our report "Leaders on the Frontline" explains their work and how to support them best.

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Meet our members

The Alliance is hosted by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. Collectively, its 88 members support over 100,000 entrepreneurs and impact close to 2 billion lives.

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Each of our Alliance members is working hard to help social entrepreneurs connect to the resources they need to succeed. To join them or to express your interest in the Alliance, get in touch.

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