COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs

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The COVID-19 crisis is affecting each of us, yet disproportionally those who are already struggling to make a living and take care of their families and communities.

The COVID-19 Action Agenda recognizes the vital role of social entrepreneurs as operating on the frontline of the crisis and as an important actor in centering a reset of capitalism around the needs of the most vulnerable.

Through our COVID Social Enterprise Action Agenda, our hope is to mobilise the recognition, resources, and actions required for social entrepreneurs to play their part.

We call on all actors to stand by social entrepreneurs as first responders to the COVID-19 crisis and as pioneers of a green, inclusive society and economic system

—Members of the COVID Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs

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Learn about the state of the field today, recommended actions, as well as the work and stories of our members and social entrepreneurs on the ground.

Estimates show that over 40% of social entrepreneurs and small and growing businesses (SGBs) are at risk. The time to act is now.

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Social entrepreneurs play a critical role in serving the most marginalized members of our global society. Their work has never been more important as we respond to COVID-19. We call on leaders across the public, private, and social sectors to invest in these first responders now.

—Dr. Raj Panjabi, Founder & CEO, Last Mile Health

Leaders of the Front Line Action Agenda: Detailed Overview

As an Alliance we have identified five core principles for supporting social entrepreneurs during, through, and beyond the crisis:

1. Make the voices of social entrepreneurs and their communities heard

2. Prepare to respond, recover, and reset - taking the opportunity to ‘build back better’

3. Collaborate across sectors in recognition of the complexity and scale of the crisis

4. Look beyond healthcare given that COVID-19 touches all parts of our lives

5. Support the shovel-ready solutions that grassroots organisations area already able to provide today

In addition, the agenda proposes (5x5) areas of actions for field actors. Each action is backed up by concrete initiatives by Alliance members:


We call on SUPPORTING INTERMEDIARIES to provide fitting support to social entrepreneurs and the communities they serve & surface the needs and priorities of social entrepreneurs on the ground

Recommended Action Areas:

1 - Be customer & community-driven
2 - Lean in & adjust
3 - Share insights & best practices
4 - Establish smart partnerships
5 - Take an ecosystem approach


We call on (IMPACT) INVESTORS to adapt their investment priorities & provide flexible capital and must-have technical assistance

Recommended Action Areas:

1 - Revisit processes and terms
2 - Be a conduit to grant capital
3 - Expand technical assistance
4 - Collaborate & Co-Invest
5 - Plan for the long term


We call on CORPORATIONS to stand with social entrepreneurs within their supply chains and the broader ecosystem, fulfil their agreements and extend their support to build a more inclusive & resilient economy

Recommended Action Areas:

1- Honour existing relationships
2 - Forge new partnerships
3 - Facilitate capital connections
4 - Invest in capacity building
5 - Deepen & widen your footprint


We call on FUNDERS AND PHILANTHROPISTS to expand and expedite their support to social entrepreneurs as well as intermediaries, taking risks reflective of today's unprecedented times.

Recommended Action Areas:

1 - Expand your support
2 - Expedite your support
3 - Take greater risks
4 - Collaborate & blend
5 - Innovate & and experiment


We call on GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS to recognize social entrepreneurs as a driving force in safeguarding jobs and pioneering a green & equitable society - and to support back them accordingly

Recommended Action Areas:

1 - Protect crucial community organisations & jobs
2 - Allocate & Fast track funding
3 - Back existing intermediaries
4 - Remove red tape
5 - Usher a new economic reality