COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs

The pressure on corporations to make their value chains more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient is growing. Alliance Members have joined forces to make the case for social procurement or 'buying social' and to help social enterprises on their path to becoming ‘corporate-ready’.

The Case for Social Procurement & the Alliance

Social entrepreneurs can play a critical role in driving change through corporate value chains. They are a source of resilience, offer products and innovative solutions that can help corporations to deliver on their procurement goals, and ultimately bring the DNA and ideas that are needed to tackle what is possibly the biggest change management effort of our time.

Leveraging the communities, expertise, and assets that members of the Alliance have built over the years, a concerted effort will be made in collaboration with multiple Forum platforms to establish social entrepreneurs squarely within corporate value and supply chains.

This Fall, a number of leading social procurement reports and initiatives have launched jointly with the Alliance:

I | Surfacing 100 Corporate Ready Ventures

Acumen in close collaboration with IKEA Social Entrepreneurship has published a list of '100 corporate ready ventures' to recognize and celebrate the impact of social entrepreneurs who are working with large corporations to transform their operations and business models. The listing coincides with the publication of Corporate-Ready: How Corporations and Social Enterprises Are Doing Business Together to Drive Impact and Growth.

Read up on the Alliance's 100 corporate ready ventures

II | Social Procurement Manual

Yunus Social Business in partnership with Porticus and the Alliance released The Social Procurement Manual, a practical report on integrating social businesses into corporate supply chains that brings together learnings from industry leaders who have successfully initiated social procurement projects within their organizations. Case studies include efforts by Unilever, The Body Shop, Deloitte, and PwC.

III | Social Procurement Community of Practice

Alliance members, the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) and Euclid Network, have joined up to build outa growing global Community of Practice on Social Procurement - totalling over 3000 professionals from all sectors to date.

Join the community to be kept up-to-date on the latest events, knowledge and developments on social procurement. Join here:

Our Bottom Line

All corporations, intermediaries, government officials, and social entrepreneurs are invited to join us to advance this important agenda by completing our Expression of Interest Forms here and above.

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