COVID Response Alliance for Social Entrepreneurs

With COVID-19 rising to devastating levels in India, social entrepreneurs have been frontline responders in fighting this crisis. Their work is vital and offers key lessons for other regions battling new waves of infection.

Our World Economic Forum Top 50 of Last Mile Responders celebrates 50 leading Indian social entrepreneurs and 12 multistakeholder partnership initiatives that are providing critical support to those at risk of being left behind in the recovery. Collectively these 62 leaders serve over 171 million people on the frontlines of the crisis. Their work is making an impact across four vital areas of need: Prevention and Protection; Treatment and Relief; Inclusive Vaccine Access; and Securing Livelihoods.

To become part of India’s last mile response efforts, organizations can contact listed organizations directly or connect via #BackTheFrontline - a local effort by the sector to channel support to trusted community organizations.

On August 12th, key decision makers from all sectors joined for our event ‘Carving The Path To An Inclusive Recovery’ with ecosystem leaders from all sectors. A session summary recording will be pasted here shortly.

To support our social entrepreneurs or connect with our leaders on the ground, contact:

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