Digital Transformation of Business: A New Action Agenda


The Opportunity

Today more than ever, a company’s growth and success depend on its ability to transform into a digital business, embracing partnerships that deliver for all stakeholders. As business leaders build back from the COVID-19 pandemic, digital transformation is a powerful tool at their disposal to put stakeholder capitalism into practice. The Digital Transformation Program helps companies to drive inclusive, responsible and sustainable digital business transformations to support our economies and societies.

Our approach

Business leaders, especially within the C-suite, have important roles in driving new digital models that are inclusive and sustainable. Our Program supports them in their impact journey.

A new digital transformation agenda

Shaping a new paradigm for digital value creation that promotes stakeholder capitalism

Executive knowledge and capabilities

Facilitating peer insights, learning and skill building among business leaders

Multi-stakeholder collaborations

Catalysing new alliances, proof of concepts and collaborations between businesses and industries

Who's on board

Our Community

Our community of digital transformation leaders come from diverse businesses across industries and regions. They include Chief Digital Officers, Chief Strategy Officers, Chief Innovation Officers and others designing and delivering digital transformations within their companies. The community comes together to shape the new leadership agenda on purpose-led digital transformation, to share insights and experiences from their change journeys, to co-create guidance on executive decisions and to drive collective action projects.

How to engage

Our community showcases and spreads digital business models and partnerships that drive people’s wellbeing and protect our planet.

If you have replicable examples and good practices to share or would like to find ways to collaborate, we’d love to hear from you.

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