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Building Strategic Intelligence Series

10 Aug—31 December 2021

These interactive virtual sessions make experts and innovators associated with the World Economic Forum’s Strategic Intelligence platform available to share their insights on some of the most pressing global issues

Accelerating complexity can make it difficult to keep up with the latest trends, or make sense of seemingly abrupt shifts. In this context, we all need more innovative tools to help us make more strategic decisions.

The World Economic Forum has developed Strategic Intelligence to provide these tools, and illuminate the interlinked forces shaping the world. With the help of leading experts, the platform covers more than 270 diverse topics.

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The Building Strategic Intelligence series -

Provides briefings on important global issues and trends with leading experts including curators of the Forum’s Transformation Maps.

Showcases features on Strategic Intelligence and demonstrates how it can be used for decision-making and foresight.

Features interactive community sessions and workshops with the Forum’s New Champions, Technology Pioneers, Global Innovators, Expert Network, and Enterprise level Digital Members.

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