First Movers Coalition

Vision: The First Movers Coalition aims to unlock the untapped potential of emerging technologies needed to decarbonize the world by 2050.

Mission: By 2050, 50% of the reductions needed for net-zero emissions must come from technologies not yet available at scale. The First Movers Coalition will work across sectors and with experts from around the world to generate early market demand from First Mover companies. Building early demand for low-carbon goods and services will help scale the next generation of emission mitigation solutions by 2030 for carbon-intensive sectors.

3-Step Approach

What the First Movers Coalition will do…


Define purchasing commitments for emerging technologies needed for net-zero by 2050 across 8 hard-to-abate sectors

Secure 2030 commitments from critical players across the value chain to jumpstart action in the 2020s

Facilitate implementation of purchasing commitments

…and how this contributes to the wider net-zero ecosystem


Provides a harmonized purchasing commitment framework across typically hard-to-abate (scope 3) activities

Creates early, stepping-stone markets to unleash the innovation needed this decade to enable net-zero by 2050

Provides proof that zero-carbon supply chains can work, and encourage others to follow

The First Movers Coalition brings together and collaborates with a range of civil society, expert organizations and Founding Members to jointly accelerate and scale momentum.

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