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1. In Geneva, do you hire candidates who are not Swiss nationals or holders of a valid Swiss work permit?

The World Economic Forum applies for a Carte de Légitimation (CDL) from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs for non-Swiss citizens who take on a role in Geneva. The CDL is granted for the duration of the employment with the Forum in Geneva and gives the right to live in Switzerland and work for the Forum. In partnership with a specialist immigration partner, the Forum supports the employee to apply for their CDL and their relocating family.

In the World Economic Forum USA, support for U.S work authorization is made on a case by case basis, depending upon the qualifications of the candidate and the role.

The Forum Beijing Office will work with the Chinese authorities to apply for a permit for candidates who are not Chinese nationalities and who do not have a valid work permit in China. Upon hiring a candidate, the Forum Beijing Office assumes that there will be no problem in obtaining the work permit, but cannot be held liable if the work permit is not obtained and, therefore, will not cover any of the direct or indirect costs or expenses that may result from the employee's move to China. The employee is not entitled to an indemnity for any damage caused by the failure to obtain a valid work permit or as a consequence of the nullity of the work agreement.

2. Is it possible to work for the World Economic Forum abroad?

Yes. The World Economic Forum has its headquarters in Cologny/Geneva, and offices in New York, Beijing, and Tokyo. Please note that for each open position on our website, the location of employment is specified.

3. Is it possible to work as external staff for the Regional Summits?

Although we do not recruit external staff for our regional activities, we employ a limited number of external staff members for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos. The recruitment process for these positions begins in October of each year. A specific advertisement is posted on the Geneva Careers section of our website at that time.

4. How can I apply for the Global Leadership Fellows programme?

The job opening for the Global Leadership Fellows programme is also on our website, and candidates may submit the application through our website as usual, making sure to complete the short essay questions that are an integral part of the application form. Shortlisted candidates will go through an interview process that includes a personality test, panels interview at our offices in Geneva, a role play exercise, a group case study, and further essay writing.

5. Can I apply for more than one position at a time?

Yes. However, please be sure to enclose a unique cover letter for each position explaining your interest and potential fit.

6. Can I make changes to my application file?

Yes, you may update your profile in the ‘Previous Applicants’ section, using your login (email address) and password. You can add or remove a position, upload attachments and update your personal information.

7. Why can I not access my profile?

The system says ‘Invalid User Name or Password’. Please make sure that you login on the careers section of our website (www.weforum.org/careers) and not in our Members’ Area. If you do not remember your password, please click on ‘If you do not remember your password click here’ at the bottom of the Careers webpage.

8. What type of references will you require?

For the Global Leadership Fellows Programme, and also for finalist candidates for other roles, we will need the contact details of three professional references who we will contact at the offer stage; of course we will ask you for your written agreement. These references may be from a current or previous employer or colleague who can attest to your professional qualifications.

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