Internships at the World Economic Forum.


The World Economic Forum believes that interns are an essential and vibrant part of our mission-driven and diverse talent community. Through our Global Internship Programme, we welcome interns of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, skills, and experience at any one of our offices in Geneva, New York, San Francisco, Beijing, Tokyo or Mumbai.

Internships are an exciting opportunity to get a feel for working at the Forum, bringing in ideas from your studies and gaining valuable experience in areas such as project management, event design and execution, data analysis, impact measurement, and strategic communications.

If you are interested in our internship programme, here’s what you need to know:

• There are two cohorts every year, starting in February and June (In our US offices, internships are primarily in June).

• Internships are for a duration of 3-6 months.

• Interns must be enrolled in a programme of study at the time the internship begins or should have graduated within the last month.

• All our internships are paid.

Internship recruitment process:

• Internship opportunities are posted on the Forum website two months before the start date (i.e. 1 December for internships starting on 1 February, and 1 April for internships starting on 1 June).

• Candidates may apply by submitting their CV and a cover letter for the internship opportunity that is most relevant for them; candidates may be considered for more than one internship by stating their preferences in the cover letter.

• If shortlisted, candidates will be invited to submit a recorded video interview and will receive a response within 10 working days after submission.

• Selected candidates will then be invited to a live video interview with the hiring manager and a team member.

• Candidates will know the outcome approximately a week after this interview.

Can interns come from other countries?

Many interns come from universities in the countries where the internship is based. The Forum is open to students from other countries completing internships, but keep in mind that although the internship itself is paid, the Forum does not offer financial support for relocation. Additionally, in locations other than Geneva, interns may need to have the appropriate work authorization before being selected.

Do interns receive benefits in addition to their salary?

Yes. In all our offices, interns are paid a competitive monthly salary and receive benefits that are similar to those all our employees receive, including paid time off.

Why is the duration of the internship capped at six months?

For many of the highly qualified interns that join us, we believe 4-6 months is sufficient to become acquainted with the Forum, our value proposition, digital systems, and collaborative work style. Limiting the duration of the internship enables interns to seek full-time employment opportunities either within the Forum or elsewhere, and also allows us to extend internship offers to other students.

Does an internship lead to a formal employment offer at the Forum?

No, interns are not guaranteed a role after the internship is over. Nevertheless, interns are eligible to apply for temporary or permanent positions immediately following the internship, and over the years many have succeeded in securing such roles.

Can interns work part-time?

Yes, interns may work part-time if their programme of study does not allow them to work full-time, and the part-time arrangement is agreed with the intern supervisor at the start. In such cases, the intern's salary and benefits will be pro-rated according to the time worked.

I have a question that has not been covered here. Who do I ask?

For any other inquiries, please contact us.

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