Activating Ocean Finance

Activating Ocean Finance

The Challenge

The ocean is a cornerstone of the global economy and has been predicted to provide economic growth opportunities over the coming decade amassing to $3 trillion annually in gross value added by 2030. Yet, investment into the sustainable blue economy and marine conservation is drastically low; and much that does flow towards the ocean’s economy does not necessarily consider ocean health in investment decision-making. Necessary adjustments include a reorientation of financial flows towards activities that do not contribute to continued decline in ocean health, as well as a mobilization of innovative financial models and private capital to introduce new sources of funds for sustainable ocean economic growth.

The Impact Pillar

Enhancing levels of finance, from across the spectrum, that flow towards sustainable blue economy activities

Sustainable Development Goals


Financial institutions


Civil society organizations


  • Work with partners to promote and pilot the concept of a ‘Blue Recovery’, through initiation of pilot ‘Hubs’ in target geographies, seeking to leverage both public and private financing opportunities in the sustainable blue economy as we emerge from COVID-19
  • Work with partners to raise awareness of the potential applications for innovative financing solutions, including debt financing instruments and blue carbon credits, for sustainable blue economy projects
  • Building off the success of the publication of the Ocean Finance Handbook, continue to engender a common language surrounding blue economy financing and create tools to make sources of finance for projects easier to understand and locate

Other impact pillars