Climate and resilience

Climate and resilience

The Challenge

The ocean faces multiple stressors from the impacts of the climate crisis. Impacts to the ocean extend beyond its coastlines and determine the lives of people and economies around the world. Fortunately, healthy marine ecosystems are better able to adapt to and recover from negative impacts and also serve as our greatest ally in the fight against climate change. The world must harness the potential of nature-based solutions from the ocean to advance the health of both planet and people.

The Impact Area

Through developing public-private collaborations that address pressing policy, economic and scientific questions, the Climate and Resilience impact area unlocks the long-term contributions of the ocean to climate-change mitigation and the resilience of coastal communities.

Sustainable Development Goals


  • Raise ambition and deliver action towards the conservation and restoration of mangrove forests through the Mangroves Working Group
  • Building partnerships to help meet the rapidly increasing demand for blue carbon credits and projects around the world
  • Create roadmaps for solutions that can “reset” and rebuild economic activities to deliver a more sustainable, equitable and resilient ocean economy through the Blue Recovery Hubs
  • Uncover sustainable, alternative pathways exist to meet increasing demand for the metals needed to build batteries used in electric vehicles, renewable energy, and consumer electronics

Other impact areas