Gender parity

Gender parity

The challenge

One in two seafood workers is a woman. Women make up 50% of the workforce in processing, cleaning and trading fish, and are largely concentrated in low-paid, seasonal jobs without health, safety and labour rights protections. Ensuring gender parity in many ocean sectors and through the ocean supply chain would contribute to achieving sustainable development more broadly, from ending poverty and hunger to boosting jobs.

The Action Track

Friends of Ocean Action is prioritizing ocean solutions that ensure women and men have equal access to the businesses, governance, productive resources, institutions and organizations, knowledge and technologies, markets, decent employment and social protection that are related to a healthy ocean.


Council of World Women Leaders (CWWL)

SHE Index

The Nature Conservancy


Engaging with leading institutions and organizations working on gender-related issues

Mapping potential champions within the Friends of Ocean Action and broader networks

Publishing joint letter in support of ensuring gender parity in the ocean on World Ocean Day with great range of high-level signatories

Establishing a working group on ocean gender issues

2020 and beyond

Initiate dialogue and bring together key partners and stakeholders, including around the 2020 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

Continue raising awareness, including on International Women’s Day on 8 March 2020

Identify key gaps and roadblocks for the Friends to take forward as part of the action track

Scope and explore how gender elements can be integrated across all other ocean action tracks

Other action tracks