Stories of impact: Friends of Ocean Action publishes new report

15 March 2021: Friends of Ocean Action releases its Impact Report from the first phase of its work (2018-2020)

Friends of Ocean Action has published today its Phase I impact report detailing the most significant results so far of its work in fast-tracking solutions for a healthy ocean. Presenting the vision, milestones and successes of the platform, the Impact Report provides a comprehensive account of the first three years of Friends of Ocean Action.

In their foreword, the co-chairs of Friends of Ocean Action celebrate progress made so far, saying: “During the past three years, the Friends have charted courses to solutions through development of globally reaching digital platforms, the launch of major publications, pursuit of much-needed research, creation of media campaigns, involvement in multilateral negotiations, and launch of six major platforms that are now further illuminating the path to a healthy ocean.”

The Friends of Ocean Action Impact Report takes stock of results delivered through its 12 workstreams, called action tracks, which have focused on helping to deliver the Sustainable Development Goal for the ocean, SDG 14. Impact in areas ranging from marine protection and ending illegal fishing to eliminating harmful fisheries subsidies and decarbonizing shipping all emerge from the report. The report also outlines the initiatives and events emerging from the platform’s first three years, and how Friends of Ocean Action is building on the progress of Phase I in developing ambitious new Impact Pillars for Phase II of its work.

Data on the report was gathered with the support of the Impact Monitoring and Measurement team at the World Economic Forum as well as the Hoffmann Fellows from Stanford University.

“The Friends in this coming phase will be seeking to continue the sprint to shorten the distance between ideas and action and to be the agents of ocean change for the benefit of people and planet. This is not a journey that the Friends will be taking by themselves, but rather we hope they will inspire others to join them in this endeavour,” said Kristian Teleki, Director of Friends of Ocean Action.

Read the report in English here or in Chinese here.

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Notes to editors:

Friends of Ocean Action is a unique group of over 65 global leaders from business, international organizations, civil society, science and academia who are fast-tracking scalable solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the ocean. It is hosted by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with the World Resources Institute. Visit for more information of follow @FriendsofOcean on Twitter.