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Global Coalition for Digital Safety

The Global Coalition for Digital Safety is a public private platform for global, multi stakeholder cooperation to develop innovations and advance collaborations that tackle harmful content and conduct online.

“Technology offers tools to learn, play, connect, and contribute to solving some of the world’s greatest challenges. But digital safety harms remain a threat to these possibilities. As the World Economic Forum is uniquely positioned to accelerate the public-private collaboration needed to advance digital safety globally, Microsoft is eager to participate and help build whole-of-society solutions to this whole-of-society problem.”

—– Courtney Gregoire, Chief Digital Safety Officer, Microsoft

With the growing challenge to counter health misinformation, violent extremist and terrorist content, and the exploitation of children online, there is an urgent need for more deliberate global coordination to improve digital safety.

The Global Coalition for Digital Safety aims to accelerate public-private cooperation to tackle harmful content online and will serve to exchange best practices for new online safety regulation, take coordinated action to reduce the risk of online harms, and drive forward collaboration on programs to enhance digital media literacy.

“Global online safety is a collective goal that must be addressed by working across borders as well as by individual nations. We look forward to collaborating with international Coalition members to reduce the risk of online harms and build a safer life online for everyone.”

—– Dame Melanie Daws, Chief Executive, Ofcom, UK

The future of privacy is about protecting a person from the exploitation of their individuality, because if we are being manipulated to base our thought, ideas and actions on false information then we have lost our most important right of privacy – the right to think for ourselves.

—Maggie Louie, Co-Founder and CEO, otto

The Forum is uniquely positioned to leverage its impartial platform and convening power to drive public-private cooperation amongst key stakeholders focused on improving safety online.

Since 2019, the Forum’s Media, Entertainment, and Sport platform has curated an extensive expert network across business, academia, civil society, and government through the Advancing Global Digital Content Safety Project. This has focused on three key workstreams:

1. Content Moderation,

2. Regulation, and

3. Business Models and Competition.

Through this work, key focus areas that now require coordinated action were identified.

1. Share Best Practices on Safety Standards: Exchange knowledge on policies and practices for improving online safety, considering content policies, remedies, transparency reports, use of data, and new technologies

2. Address Balance of Privacy and Safety: Share best practices on addressing the growing tension between privacy and safety as harmful content on encrypted channels risks evading detection

3. Market Competition: Drive better alignment between regulations focused on safety and competition to foster market innovation and enable consumer choice

4. Cross-Jurisdictional Content Cooperation: Enable action on content that spans jurisdictions and requires greater coordination amongst countries (e.g. content created in one county but causing harm in another)

5. Definitional Alignment: Support work on consistent definitions for content categories, such as self-harm and cyber-bullying to enable standardized enforcement, reporting, and measurement across regions

We thank Hacks/Hackers for their support with the Coalition.

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