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Global Coalition for Digital Safety

Coalition members are invited by the World Economic Forum in accordance with our mandate of public-private cooperation and strives to include a multi-stakeholder membership base of leaders and experts across government, business, academia, and civil society.

Members are able to engage in various Forum events and activities related to digital safety. Companies benefit from collaboration with regulators across key jurisdictions to achieve a clearer and more consistent regulatory approach to reduce uncertainty, cost, complexity, and potential liability risks in running a global media/tech business. Governments benefit from a more coordinated approach for collaboration across jurisdictions and with the private sector to achieve the goal of safer online spaces for their citizens. Academia and civil society members benefit from highlighting their research and expertise to key decision-makers to make a tangible impact through their work.

Coalition membership also access to the Forum’s online platforms, Toplink and Transformation Maps. Partnering organizations will also be able to participate in various workshops, events, and participate in exclusive private discussions to advance the goals of digital safety.

To find out more about becoming a Coalition member, please contact:

Cathy Li, Head of Media, Entertainment, and Sport Industries

Farah Lalani, Lead, Global Coalition for Digital Safety

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