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Global Coalition for Value in Healthcare

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Participation in the Coalition’s projects is reserved for governments, companies, start-ups, academic institutions, civil society, international organizations, and experts with the scale and ambition to shape the trajectory of the future of value in healthcare.

Depending on the depth of their engagement, partners can engage with a number of projects and events, and have the opportunity to co-design their own projects through the coalitions platform.

Engagement allows for attendance at our global portfolio of events with other influencers in the value in healthcare space. In addition, it gives access to the Forum’s online platforms, Toplink and Transformation Maps. Partnering organizations will also be able to participate in online seminars and have access to our exclusive knowledge bank of insights and case studies.

Existing public-private partnerships will have access to our network of coalitions working on value in health to leverage the network’s capability for knowledge exchange and expert support.

To find out more about submitting your project to become a global coalition platform project, or to enquire about becoming an affiliated public-private coalition for value in healthcare at your local, regional, or national level, please contact:

Sofiat Akinola, Lead, Global Coalition for Value in Healthcare