Mission Possible Platform

Delivering industry pathways to net-zero emissions

The Mission Possible Platform will support public and private sector partners working on the industry transition towards net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

It is comprised of a range of alliances and initiatives: aviation, circular cars, heavy-duty road transport, shipping, aluminium, chemicals, cement and concrete, and iron and steel.

Delivering pathways toward low-carbon industry

The Mission Possible Platform is delivering a package of transformative emissions reduction measures and innovations from across industry. ​

Our Approach

Public-private collaboration for charting a way forward

Collaboration between business and government leaders, academic researchers, and civil society is key to unlocking industry decarbonization pathways.​

Join Us

Key partnership initiatives focused on carbon-intensive sectors

From financing innovative technologies to improving efficiency along value chains, we aim to unlock innovative solutions and enabling policies for the industry transition.​

Action Areas

Decarbonization of industry sectors: A coalition for change

The Mission Possible Platform is a coalition initiative working on creating tipping points across the hard-to-abate sectors to set the industry on a net-zero pathway through public-private collaboration, innovation partnerships, and industry alliances.

The Mission Possible Platform is convened by the World Economic Forum in partnership with the Energy Transitions Commission.

Mission Innovation and the World Economic Forum will explore opportunities to strengthen public-private innovation collaborations in harder-to-abate sectors as part of their ongoing collaboration.