Mission Possible Platform

The Mission Possible Platform leverages its network of experts, business, and policy partners to deliver initiatives for setting carbon-intensive economic sectors on a path to net-zero emissions by 2050.

Participation in projects and analysis is open for governments, companies, start-ups, academic institutions, civil society, international organizations, and experts seeking to move the industry toward a low carbon future.

To find out more about engaging with a project, helping to develop analytical roadmaps, or becoming an affiliated public- private coalition under the Mission Possible Platform, please contact:

  • Mission Possible Platform: Anthony Hobley, Executive Director, Mission Possible Platform, World Economic Forum
  • Clean Skies for Tomorrow: Lauren Uppink, Head of Aviation, Travel and Tourism, World Economic Forum
  • Clean Road Freight Coalition, Margi Van Gogh, Head of Supply Chain and Transport, World Economic Forum
  • Getting to Zero for the Coalition: Emma Skov Christiansen, Lead, Shipping Emissions and Ocean Agenda, World Economic Forum
  • The Circular Cars Initiative: Levi Tillemann, Lead, Circular Cars Initiative, World Economic Forum
  • Aluminium for Climate: Renée Van Heusden, Lead, Materials, Aluminium and Steel, World Economic Forum
  • Clean Cement and Concrete Coalition: Anthony Hobley, Executive Director, World Economic Forum
  • Collaborative Innovation for Low Carbon Emitting Technologies: Joanna Kolomanska, Platform Curator, Chemistry and Advanced Materials, World Economic Forum
  • Net Zero Steel Initiative: Renée Van Heusden, Lead, Materials, Aluminium and Steel, World Economic Forum