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Our vision

To enable Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) to contribute its full potential to help deliver the Paris climate goals, as well as, solutions to some of the world’s most pressing and intractable environmental and social challenges; including biodiversity and forest loss, sustainable water management and sustainable community livelihoods.

A collaborative challenge: Guiding Principles for NCS:

  • NCS can and should raise ambition with respect to climate action, enhancing rather than diluting a nation's or a company's contribution to the Paris goals. Carbon credits should be used in conjunction with the GHG emissions mitigation hierarchy. Avoiding, minimizing, and reducing emissions should be prioritized and continue in addition to the use of NCS credits.
  • NCS credits can provide an interim solution for hard to abate emissions, but not a permanent one. For unavoidable emissions, carbon sinks - potentially including natural sinks - will always be needed to achieve net zero. NCS credits should be considered an enabling solution that will support long-term sustainable land use.
  • NCS investments should deliver environmental and social safeguards and benefits in addition to GHG emissions reductions. For example, the preservation of a given forest could enhance a wide variety of ecosystem services the benefit of local and indigenous communities' livelihoods.
  • Sound and verified carbon measurement and accounting methodologies must be applied to ensure high integrity of NCS credits. Emissions reductions and removals must be real, quantifiable and verifiable, with issues of additionality, leakage and permanence appropriately addressed.

To get engaged with the Alliance or for more information, please contact:

Giulia Carbone, Director, Natural Climate Solutions, WBCSD

Gabriela Martinez, Specialist, World Economic Forum,

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