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The NCS Investment Accelerator – announced at COP26 (November 2021) – has been set up to send a strong demand signal for high quality NCS credits. It does so by aggregating corporate champions’ commitments to invest in high-quality emission reductions and removals credits (in tCO2e), that have been validated through a credible voluntary or compliance standard or scheme.

The target of the NCS Investment Accelerator campaign is to aggregate corporate demand for 1 Gigatonne of CO2e emissions from NCS reductions and removals per year by 2025.

A demand signal is key to trigger a system change that will lead to higher trust in NCS as a credible and effective solution to reduce and remove greenhouse gases emissions. Creating a demand signal could solidify pricing across carbon markets and build confidence in new and improved methodologies. A strong demand signal for high quality credits could unlock the supply pipelines needed to meet global net-zero announcements demonstrating to project and programme developers that demand for high-quality NCS carbon credits exists now and will grow; it will also build confidence with policy-makers as they roll out new compliance and jurisdictional schemes.

Companies joining the campaign and committing to invest in NCS as part of their climate change strategy must demonstrate ambitious action to reduce GHG emissions in line with these global goals to limit climate change. The eligibility criteria to join reflect the guidance for the credible use of NCS credits by corporates captured in Natural Climate Solutions for Corporates, published by the Natural Climate Solutions Alliance.

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