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Natural Climate Solutions (NCS) Lighthouses

Unlocking large-scale carbon finance for NCS, whether through voluntary or compliance action, will require close collaboration between governments, businesses, investors, civil society, local stakeholders, including indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs).

Therefore, to scale high-quality NCS, it has become mission-critical to build trust among different stakeholders by highlighting NCS examples based on methodological and technological advances focused on mitigating environmental and social risks and generating positive environmental impacts and socio-economic benefits.

In recent years, concerns about the integrity of NCS credits have been raised repeatedly, focusing on measurement, additionality, leakage, permanence, baseline setting, verification and equitable benefit sharing. However, with more than 20 years of international efforts to generate and trade NCS credits, great strides have been made in addressing these issues. By increasing collaboration, amplifying advancements, and sharing ideas, the community of on-the-ground actors, project developers, Validation/Verification Bodies (VVBs), and registries can diffuse best practices, accelerating progress and impact and resolve the perceived credibility concerns of NCS.

The NCS Lighthouses are examples of good practice for supply and are a beacon in the path to developing trust in NCS for people, nature and climate. The NCS Lighthouses aim to help elevate the successful human, environmental, and climate stories behind these initiatives.

NCS Lighthouses

To elevate the successful human, environmental, and climate stories behind these initiatives, the NCS Alliance invites you to submit your project or programme to become a NCS Lighthouse.

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