Natural Climate Solutions Alliance

Consultation: Nature and Net Zero


Published: 25 January 2021

In Collaboration with McKinsey & Company

Natural climate solutions (NCS) play a critical role in supporting the future of both climate and nature. Research conducted for this consultation report confirms estimates that NCS can provide one-third (close to 7 Gt CO2) of the climate mitigation to reach a 1.5- or 2-degree pathway by 2030—and at a lower cost than other forms of carbon dioxide removal. Deployed in the right way, NCS can also produce high co-benefits that accrue to nature and to communities. Building off the recommendations from the Taskforce for Scaling Voluntary Carbon Markets, this report sets out six actions to accelerate the scale-up of high-quality NCS implementation and unlock markets through the combined efforts of business leaders, policymakers and civil society.

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We are conducting a public consultation to collect feedback from experts across business, government, and civil society. The purpose of this consultation is to refine, validate and adjust the recommended actions to ensure that they are comprehensive and accurately frame the challenges to NCS.

The consultation survey can be accessed here.

Accelerating business solutions for climate and nature – Report I: Mapping nature-based solutions and natural climate solutions


Published: 7 Dec 2020

Nature-based solutions (NbS), can help to deliver up to 37% of solutions to achieve the Paris climate goal, as well as the potential to help address other societal challenges while being good for business and people. Yet, to scale up investment in Nature-based Solutions, business requires clarity on its scope and requirements.

This report aims to help remove the hurdles to nature-based solutions by clarifying definitions, while supporting the alignment of natural climate solutions (NCS) with nature-based solutions in order to accelerate investments at scale. In addition, the report helps business to navigate the nature and climate agenda by mapping the key initiatives, platforms and conventions for collective action.

Katinga Mentaya Project

This forest in Indonesia is home to the world’s largest ‘avoided emissions’ project. It protects forests that stores as CO2, like taking 2 million cars off the road every year. The Katingan Mentaya Project raises money by selling carbon credits to companies that want to compensate for emissions. The project uses this revenue to fund its conservation efforts teaching farmers to stop burning down the forest for agriculture, use organic fertilizers instead of toxic chemicals and to manage their land in a way that boosts its natural ability to store carbon. Their efforts protect not just climate, but biodiversity too. Much of the saved forest is home to the endangered Bornean Orangutan.


Carbon project like this help the world reach critical global climate goals

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