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Net-Zero Carbon Cities

The Toolbox of Solutions is a digital platform containing 200+ best practices and case studies for urban transformation.

The digital platform comprises policy, business and finance models that result in reduced emissions from over 110 cities around the world. The solutions address clean electrification, efficiency, and smart infrastructure across sectors including energy, buildings, and mobility.

It is open to any user for free; and in particular, is aimed for use by city leaders, national government leaders and business. Users can browse the beta version of the database, and search solutions based on attributes such as the electricity grid’s health, local population density and income level.

Developed by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Accenture, with involvement from stakeholders around the world.


The next version of the Toolbox of Solutions will be launched in November 2021 with more solutions and interactivity. In addition, the Forum will be launching an accompanying process to help align business, city and national leaders to prioritize actions that would result in the greatest value to the environment, economy and society (see “system value”).

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