Open Forum



Each year since 2003, the Open Forum convenes in January at the local Swiss Alpine School in the heart of Davos, attracting leaders from all walks of life. We welcome government officials, artists, civil society leaders, innovative entrepreneurs and CEOs of multinational companies: All have a story or point of view to share.

In the spirit of Davos, the Open Forum aims to stimulate dialogue among thought leaders on issues ranging from current political structures and geopolitical concerns to environmental problems, leadership challenges and the role of the arts in society.

Indeed, the World Economic Forum seizes the timely opportunity of its Annual Meeting in Davos to offer a platform for debate and interaction on controversial issues between the public and scholars, business leaders and policy-makers.

The Open Forum welcomes a diverse public from around the globe to listen, participate and share thoughts, experiences and stories with the panellists on pressing and controversial issues. For those of you who cannot join the Open Forum personally in Davos, we hope you will follow the debates on the web via our livestream, Facebook or on twitter.


The Open Forum aims to encourage dialogue and spread awareness on critical issues to the global economy by providing a platform on which ideas, thoughts and questions can be expressed and tackled in an open environment.

Feedback from participants

“The Open Forum proves that Davos is much more than talks behind closed doors. The panelists’ dialogue with the audience is intensive and profound.” Tobias Clemens, Strategic Projects Manager, DPD Switzerland / GeoPost Group, Zurich

“The Open Forum Davos is a unique place to interact with global leaders as it provides for open and frank discussion with decision makers and civil society at large.” Prof. Dr. Silvia Grundmann LL.M., Georgetown

“I participated in the Open Forum twice. I was very impressed by the professional and renown panellists and the serious discussions - all in the wonderful panoramic view of Davos. If you get the chance to participate in the Open Forum: Take your chance!” Pia Leson, Magdeburg

“I attended the Open Forum Davos in 2010 – I appreciated the variety of topics which represented current affairs of our global society. I enjoyed the open and inspiring discussions with speakers from all over the world.” Tina Kopf, Trade Activation Manager, Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken GmbH

“It was a great to experience the Open Forum Davos, which enriched our discussions in a very inspiring way.” Dr. Rasmus Tenbergen, Director, Institute for Leadership Development, Germany

“The Open Forum makes you sense WEF's special atmosphere.”Anonymous

“The Open Forum - Open 4-U-&-Me.” Anonymous

“Open Forum the WEF's present to the public.” Anonymous

Open Forum Host

The Swiss Alpine School Davos (SAMD)

Schweizerische Alpine Mittelschule Davos, Aula, Guggerbachstrasse 3, CH - 7270 Davos Platz (GR)

The Swiss Alpine School graciously hosts the Open Forum sessions in its Auditorium (Aula). The SAMD is the main middle school for the Davos area, with over 260 students.