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Frequently Asked Questions about the Global Leadership Fellows Programme

When was the Global Leadership Fellows Programme established?
The first cohort was recruited in 2005.

When does the programme start?
The academic modules will start in the July following your recruitment.

How many Global Leadership Fellows will be selected for the next cohort?
We will select between 15 and 20 fellows to join the next cohort.

Who grants the Executive Master’s in Global Leadership?
The World Economic Forum.

How many Global Leadership Fellows are currently working at the World Economic Forum?

There are currently about 40 fellows enrolled in the programme and about 150 alumni working at the Forum. Since 2005, around 250 fellows have graduated from the programme.

What is the balance between classroom and on-the-job training?
About 20% of your overall time will be dedicated to academic modules, workshops, retreats and self-study.

Do the fellows have to pay for the programme?
No. The World Economic Forum will cover tuition fees as well as related study material, travel and accommodation costs.

Are there any travel opportunities?
You will be travelling for your academic modules. Some business travel may be required, depending on your projects and regions of focus.

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