List of Technology Pioneers 2011

Biotechnology and Health

Adimab (USA)
Adimab has developed a fully-integrated human antibody discovery and optimization platform in yeast. Essentially, is a synthetic human immune system in its ability to discover and produce functional human antibodies against disease targets of interest across the full spectrum of diseases.

Ion Torrent Systems (USA)
Ion Torrent (Ion) has developed the world's first semiconductor-based DNA sequencing system. DNA is sequenced on a semiconductor chip, directly translating biochemical information (A, C, T, G) into digital information (1,0). While today's sequencing technologies require customized manufacturing plants, Ion chips are made in standard semiconductor facilities.

Medicine In Need (South Africa/USA)
A not-for-profit non-governmental organization devoted to the development and manufacture of affordable and effective vaccines and therapies for diseases of poverty with characteristics that allow their widespread use and sustainability. It does this by incubating, and subsequently applying, emerging and advanced delivery and manufacturing technologies to drug and vaccine candidates to make them well-suited for the economic and logistical constraints of the developing world.

Molecular Partners (Switzerland)
Molecular Partners is a privately owned biopharmaceutical company, located in Zurich, Switzerland, that is pioneering the development of a novel class of targeted protein therapeutics termed DARPins. DARPins are as target specific and potent as monoclonal antibodies. Yet, being small proteins, they overcome the known limitations of conventional protein-based therapeutic approaches.

Neuronetics (USA)
Neuronetics, Inc. is a privately-held medical device company focused on developing non-invasive therapies for psychiatric and neurological disorders using MRI-strength magnetic field pulses

Energy and Environment
Digital Lumens (USA)
Digital Lumens develops the industry's first Intelligent Lighting System, which reduces customers' lighting-related energy use by up to 90 percent. Digital Lumens' solution integrates LEDs, networking and software into a single system that transforms industrial lighting into a powerful platform for improved efficiency, control and operational insight.

Ecovative Design (USA)
Ecovative Design are developing sustainable replacements for plastics, that require far less energy to create, which can be grown from many different regional feedstocks, and can be composted, without processing, in back yards and gardens.

Ferrate Treatment Technologies (USA)
Ferrate Treatment Technologies develops and commercializes innovative water and wastewater treatment technologies based on its proprietary iron chemistry platform. In a single dose, this super-charged, high valance form of iron replaces multiple treatment chemicals because it can simultaneously disinfect, oxidize and coagulate to remove pathogens and contaminants from water.

Flexoresearch Group (Thailand)
Flexoresearch Group, a technology start-up from Thailand, is the leading innovative, research and development company, serving Thailand’s pulp, paper, printing and packaging industries.

Novacem (United Kingdom)
Novacem has developed a carbon negative cement which offers a transformational solution to the challenge of reducing carbon emissions from the cement industry. Their cement is based on a non-carbonate raw material, magnesium silicate, and uses a relatively low temperature production process. Overall, more CO2 is absorbed during production than it emitted.

On-Ramp Wireless (USA)
On-Ramp is a provider of the first wireless system purpose-built to efficiently connect billions of hard-to-reach devices in metro scale and other challenging environments. On-Ramp's field-proven Ultra-Link Processing(TM) system enables low-power monitoring and control applications within Smart Grid, industrial sensing, location tracking, and other areas.

OPOWER is an energy efficiency software company that helps utilities meet their efficiency goals through effective customer engagement. Using cutting edge behavioral science and patent-pending data analytics, the OPOWER platform enables utilities to connect with their customers in a highly targeted fashion, motivating reductions in energy use, increased program participation and overall customer satisfaction.

Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies (Canada)
Ostara has developed a new generation of wastewater treatment systems – a nutrient recovery solution that creates value from waste by recovering nutrients from wastewater and transforming them into revenue-generating, environmentally-friendly commercial fertilizer.

Quintas Renewable Energy Solutions (Nigeria)
A company which manufactures inverters and uninterruptible power supply units. It also produces solar street and garden lights used in Nigeria. Its areas of expertise include solar energy for thermal use, wind energy, feasibility studies for and the design, construction and installation of small turbines into earth dams to generate electricity for villages or small population groups and small gas turbines for electricity generation, biomass as source of electricity generation and co-generation, using any combustible materials for electricity generation.

TaKaDu (Israel)
A company which provides water infrastructure monitoring software allowing water utilities to reduce water loss and promote operational efficiency. Its software requires no network changes or capital expenditure and it is based on patent pending mathematical and statistical algorithms, uses existing network data including that on flow, pressure and quality. It is fully operational with utilities and partners in Europe, Australia, Asia and Israel, and was founded in late 2008.

Tendril (USA)
Tendril provides an open, scalable, secure energy management software platform for the Smart Grid that enables a dialogue between energy providers and their customers. Providers gain real-time information and control to manage and optimize grid loads. Customers get powerful insight into their consumption and have the power to control their utility spending and environmental impact.

Topell Energy (Netherlands)
Topell Energy is a privately funded clean technology company, headquartered in the Netherlands, which has developed a cutting edge, highly efficient process for the production of high value solid bio-fuel from woody biomass, a process generally known as torrefaction. Torrefaction of biomass results in cheaper transportation as well as cheaper and better conversion to heat and power of biomass, and will be instrumental in unlocking the potential of biomass for energy production.

Transonic Combustion (USA)
Transonic Combustion is a cleantech automotive technology leader that is commercializing innovative powertrain technology that will disrupt the stagnant efficiency trajectory of the internal combustion engine. The TSCi™ fuel injection systems offer automotive manufacturers a near-term, cost-effective solution to vastly improve fuel economy of new cars and trucks 50-75% and help meet stringent emissions regulations.

Information Technologies and New Media
Aster Data (USA)
Aster Data is a leader in big data management and big data analysis for data-driven applications. Aster Data's nCluster is the first MPP data warehouse architecture that allows applications to be fully embedded within the database engine to enable ultra-fast, deep analysis of massive data sets.

Atlassian (Australia)
An enterprise software company that produces tools to help technical and business teams collaborate, plan projects and build software. Based in Australia, it currently has over 17,000 customers around the globe.

foursquare (USA)
foursquare creates applications for mobile devices that allows people to "check in" and report their location and help people find their friends, learn about the places their friends enjoy and challenge users to experience new things.

GetJar (Lithuania/USA)
The world's second largest online store for mobile applications, second only to Apple's. It has had over one billion downloads to date delivering applications for both feature phones and smart phones across all major platforms including Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, iPhone and Symbian. It provides more than 75,000 mobile applications to consumers in more than 200 countries. It is headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in the UK and Lithuania.

Knewton (USA)
Knewton is an online learning company that offers preparation courses for standardized tests, such as the GMAT, LSAT, and SAT. The company employs an adaptive learning engine, customizing educational content to meet the individual needs of each student.

Layar (the Netherlands)
A company which provides an augmented reality platform on mobile phones. Its browser has more than two million users, serves 1.2 million augmented objects every day, and will come pre-installed on tens of millions of phones from handset manufacturers and carriers by the end of 2010. It was first launched in the Dutch market in June 2009, followed by a global launch in August 2009, and is located in Amsterdam. It is venture capital funded and has 32 employees.

NetQin Mobile (People’s Republic of China)
A company, founded in 2005 and backed by Sequoia, Mayfield, Fidelity and Ceyuan VC, which held 68% of the Chinese mobile security market, according to the 2009 China Mobile Security Market Research Report by Frost & Sullivan. It provides anti-virus, anti-spam SMS filter, anti-spyware, and data protection services to more than 51 million users in over 200 countries and regions. It has a research and development team of over 180 people R&D team and owns multiple patented technologies.

A provider of Internet navigation and security services. Through DNS resolution, cloud-based Web content filtering and security services, it empowers millions of households, schools, and SMBs and global enterprises to control how users navigate the Internet on their network, while dramatically increasing the network's overall performance and reliability.

ReputationDefender (USA)
ReputationDefender is the world's leading online reputation and privacy management company. Launched in 2006 and acknowledged as the global pioneer in the field, ReputationDefender has reshaped the way consumers protect their privacy and reputations. The company is the first and only company that allows customers to take control of their private information, and for the first time allows everyday people to shape how they are seen online.

Scribd (USA)
Scribd is the largest social publishing and reading site in the world where tens of millions of people share original writings and documents. Scribd's vision is to liberate the written word.

SecondMarket (USA)
The largest secondary market for illiquid assets, including auction-rate securities, bankruptcy claims, limited partnership interests, private company stock, structured products, warrants and restricted stock, and whole loans. It was founded in 2004, has a network of 15,000 buyers and sellers, and more than US$ 30 billion in assets available for sale on its platform. With offices in New York and Palo Alto.

Spotify (United Kingdom)
Spotify is an innovative digital music platform created with the vision of offering music fans a legal and superior quality alternative to music piracy. Spotify provides instant access to whatever music you want, whenever and wherever you want it, through a simple, clean and quick to use platform whilst supporting the music industry via an ad-supported, free-to-the-user model and a Premium, paid subscription model.

Vortex Engineering (India)
Vortex Engineering Pvt Ltd is a pioneer and leading provider of innovative low power consuming ATMs tailor-made for semi-urban and rural areas.

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