The Global Leadership Fellows Programme is made up of four learning engines:

Academic curriculum: Fellows attend a series of customized, one-week long modules co-designed and delivered by faculty in selected universities. This structured academic programme is complemented by ad-hoc lectures, seminars and learning journeys. Following completion of the academic curriculum, fellows will receive an Master’s in Advanced Global Leadership.

On-the-job learning: Fellows hold full-time positions at the World Economic Forum, where they have opportunities to develop cutting-edge content and/or manage diverse communities. These positions enable them to gain further professional experience, expand their network and put into practice their newly acquired leadership skills.

Coaching: Fellows benefit from extensive one-on-one executive coaching, peer coaching, mentoring and 360° evaluation aiming to maximize their self-awareness, focus on their personal development needs and help them design their career paths.

Contact with world leaders: Above and beyond their work, fellows enjoy exposure to senior political, economic, intellectual and spiritual leaders and key influencers at World Economic Forum events.

Academic Curriculum

Below is a typical academic programme delivered over two years. It is adapted to the needs of every cohort and adjusted regularly, taking into account the latest research and changing global context. The modules are jointly developed and delivered by our academic partners.


The academic programme uses innovative techniques of experiential learning. The teaching approach throughout the programme is based on dialogue and interactive exchange, with dedicated spaces for reflection and feedback. In fact, the fellows take an active role in co-designing the modules. Instead of focusing on techniques and form, we focus on people to help them uncover opportunities for growth and awareness.