The Global Leadership Fellows Programme is made up of four learning engines:

Academic Modules: The Academic Modules are the foundation of the programme and serve as a platform to develop new insights and skills. Each module balances traditional and experiential approaches, and are strongly integrated into the other two learning spaces.

Coaching: Coaching is used to accelerate leadership development. The coaching process is designed to be flexible and personalised to each Fellow’s learning needs. Alongside professional coaches, Fellows benefit from formal and informal peer-to peer coaching and learning opportunities.

On-the-job learning: On-the-job learning is an integral part of the programme. Each Fellow holds a full-time position in one of the Forum’s teams, where they are responsible for managing projects or a community of stakeholders, which includes leaders from business, government, civil society and academia.

Contact with world leaders: Above and beyond their work, fellows enjoy exposure to senior political, economic, intellectual and spiritual leaders and key influencers at World Economic Forum events.


The academic programme uses innovative techniques of experiential learning. The teaching approach throughout the programme is based on dialogue and interactive exchange, with dedicated spaces for reflection and feedback. In fact, the fellows take an active role in co-designing the modules. Instead of focusing on techniques and form, we focus on people to help them uncover opportunities for growth and awareness.

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