Technology Pioneers: Selection Committee and Criteria

The selection committee evaluates all candidates against the community’s selection criteria to make a recommendation to the World Economic Forum.

It represents an external group of technology and innovation experts, academics, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs who evaluate all candidates against the community’s criteria before making its recommendation to the World Economic Forum. Selection committee members are selected based on their extensive experience in, and knowledge of, various technology sectors.


Potential Technology Pioneers are evaluated by the Selection Committee against the following criteria:

Innovation: The company must be truly innovative in the development of a new technology or the novel application of existing technology. Regionally relevant applications or adaptations of technology qualify. The innovation or commercialization should be recent. Digital and product companies must have a working prototype or a product on the market, while applicable life science companies in clinical stage two trials or beyond are preferred.

Impact: The company must have the potential to make substantial long-term impact on business and society. It should have well-formulated development plans and goals.

Leadership: The company must have visionary leadership with the ability to drive the company to success.

Additional qualifications: The company must have annual revenue of less than $500 million, and it must be independent – not a subsidiary or joint venture.