Young Global Leaders Alumni Community

All Young Global Leaders are eligible to join the Alumni Community – thus continuing their leadership journey with the Forum of Young Global Leaders and maintaining their engagement in all World Economic Forum activities, through their intellectual and financial contributions to improve the state of the world.

Alumni serve as stewards of the Forum of Young Global Leaders’ Community – vetting nominees and serving as mentors, both formally and informally, to new members. Their leadership, especially in preserving the ethos and impact-oriented mindset of the Community, is crucial to our ongoing success.

“We have developed a unique community spirit among an outstanding group of young leaders and fostered an extremely fruitful relationship between them and the World Economic Forum. Thanks to the Young Global Leaders, many initiatives have been put in place for the good of humanity. The value and potential of this collaboration needs to be preserved beyond the natural end of the five-year active membership term. The Alumni Community is the most natural and effective way to ensure that Young Global Leaders continue to have substantive discussion and meaningful impact in the world – for the rest of their careers.”

David Aikman, Chief Representative Officer, Greater China, World Economic Forum (2006-2013, Head of The Forum for Young Global Leaders).

“Young Global Leaders inspire each other to move beyond what is deemed possible, and create a world that truly reflects our deepest values and aspirations. Being part of the L Community and working together on different projects and task forces fuelled a sense of empowerment and possibility. The Alumni network will enable us to stay connected and continue to support each other as we strive to improve the state of the world.”

Nicole Schwab, Co-Founder, Gender Equality Project, Switzerland (2005-2006, Head of Young Global Leaders, World Economic Forum)