Young Global Leaders Impact

The Forum of Young Global Leaders is a community of over 800 leaders from all walks of life, who operate as a force for good to overcome barriers that stand in the way of progress. They capitalize on diverse talents, experiences, and networks to achieve more together than they could separately. Below are the community’s official Impact Initiatives, which are advancing innovations for greater social, economic, and environmental impact.

In the list that follows, each initiative is at a different point of maturity: some are new ideas emerging from the community’s annual Impact Lab, and others are established non-profit organizations, which the YGL Community and Foundation continue to support.

A scholarship and leadership development fund, BEYOND Tomorrow supports young survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami to obtain degrees, overcome adversity, and become Japan’s next-generation of future leaders.

An initiative to find low-carbon solutions and inspiring start-ups to reduce the carbon footprint of our cities, De-Carbonathon is a series of prizes where winning solutions to the adverse effects climate change are accelerated through incubation funding and support.

An initiative to scale school-based deworming programmes to improve children’s health, education and long-term development worldwide, Deworm the World supports simple, safe and cost-effect deworming solutions for 200 million children annually.

Helping deep technology start-ups to hit escape velocity, the Druid Collective is an initiative to support cutting edge science and R&D companies, with potentially transformative social impact, to connect with the right expertise, contacts, and capital to scale globally.

An annual action day inspiring multicultural and intergenerational conversations worldwide, Global Dignity sets out to promote the one thing that unites us all: human dignity. A decade after its first Global Dignity Day event in Canada, the movement has engaged over 1.5 million students in learning initiatives and campaigns around the world.


A new digital platform, Align17 helps development finance institutions, investors, and philanthropists work together to close the massive funding gap needed to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. The initiative collects and connects co-investment opportunities to attract for-profit capital investment.

An African-led, global movement to ensure 1 million women and girls learn to code, find jobs, and become digital leaders by 2030 – IAMTHECODE seeks to mobilize business leaders and policy makers across the continent to invest in female education.


Created by YGLs from or working in the MENA region, Irada identifies talented refugees and enables them to attend world-learning universities through a scholarship programme. In return, it asks students to commit to finding future opportunities to rebuild Syria.

Learn Money

Launched in 2009, Learn Money is a global platform to arm youth with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to budget, borrow and save for their future. Uniting policymakers, educators, and institutions, the campaign anchors financial literacy into curricula worldwide.

Fast, easily and reliable – MUrgency aims to build one global emergency response network. The mobile app connects people in need of emergency response with their family and friends, qualified medical, safety, rescue and assistance professionals, and other users of the app.

First providing temporary fixes to classrooms damaged in the 2015 Nepal earthquake, the Let’s Build Schools campaign now seeks to provide long-term solutions to transform public sector education. The initiative aims to build a sustainable model school for over 600 students in Kathmandu, which also serves as a community centre in case of natural disaster and showcases ways to improve educational standards in government institutions.

New Champions 5050

To support the achievement of SDG 5, New Champions 5050 aims to inspire, educate and empower 1 billion women and girls by 2030 by leveraging local initiatives and digital platforms to incubate and accelerate female leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

South Asia Bridge Initiative

Starting as an exchange between Indian and Pakistani YGLs to engage decision makers on both sides of the border, SABI now serves as a platform for greater collaboration between industry, government, and civil society to address regional challenges across South Asia.

Sustainable Development Goals Initiative

To achieve a world without poverty or hunger, to realize growth with equity, and to protect our planet – the SDGs Initiative leverages the power of the YGL network to accelerate the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda by engaging the private sector, connecting business and government, exploring investment and sharing success stories.

In our world of 7 billion people – 1 billion suffer from malnutrition and 1 billion suffer from obesity. To right this imbalance, Table for Two partners with 700 corporations, universities, restaurants and participating organizations to serve both sides of the table: those in need of healthier options and children in need of more nutritious meals in schools worldwide.

An annual awards programme to celebrate, showcase and promote circular economy innovation – The Circulars has received over 400 applications from 36 countries in just two years, offering recognition to individuals and organizations from business and civil society who have made a notable contribution to driving circular economy principles worldwide.

YGL Mina Guli was the first person to run 40 marathons across 7 deserts over 7 continents in 7 weeks, to raise awareness for global water scarcity. In partnership with other YGLs, she leads Thirst – an initiative to educate and engage youth to become responsible water citizens.