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US elections: Lyft lends a hand

Voters went to the polls across the US this week, and companies played a major role to make that happen.

World Economic Forum partner Lyft was among the ride-sharing services supporting the democratic process by heavily discounting rides to voting places.

On Election Day itself, the company provided rides in cars on bikes and scooters at 50% off to encourage voters to get their voices heard.

Lyft also worked with Nike to make it easier for voters to get to the polls for early voting. And their work in this area involved stakeholders from civil society too.

By working with organizations like More Than A Vote, Black Women’s Roundtable and the National Federation of the Blind the company expanded the number of people who could hitch a ride to vote in this election season.

Too bad they can't deliver the results any faster.

Majid Al Futtaim talks sustainable business sense

Together with Siemens and facilities management firm Enova (a joint venture between Veolia and Majid Al Futtaim) Majid Al Futtaim embarked on introducing energy conservation measures across 13 of its hotels.

While the cost of AED22.5 million is significant, the measures will lead to guaranteed annual savings of AED5.5 million – with a payback period of just over four years.

This project has enabled its portfolio of 13 hotels to achieve the Green Globe certification which is the highest sustainability standard for the tourism industry and positions us well to achieve the LEED platinum certification.

With utilities representing one of the largest operational costs for real estate assets, this increased efficiency will have a direct financial impact over the long-term.

Moreover, assets with recognized sustainability credentials such as LEED command a favourable premium as this serves as reassurance to both investors and tenants, thereby lowering the perceived risk of their commitment to the asset.

Nestlé's net zero ambitions

Cognizant: Jobs of the Future Index

To benchmark the emergence of new jobs, Cognizant has created the Cognizant Jobs of the Future Index© (CJoF Index).

The quarterly index explores the trends and patterns of 50 jobs. Developed from Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work reports, and supported by economic research firm ESI Thoughtlab, the CJoF Index answers key questions like:

Which jobs, in which industries, are growing faster than others? Which jobs are shrinking or shifting to other occupations or overseas? Are job market geographic patterns emerging?

Read more about the Index here.

Burberry teams with Marcus Rashford to support the young

Burberry is partnering with English international footballer and youth advocate, Marcus Rashford, to work with charities supporting young people across the world. The company pledges to support UK youth organizations in Manchester, London and charities with a global reach.

Programmes range from education to supporting young creatives and artists, and helping entrepreneurs tackle some of the world’s significant challenges. These outreaches will positively affect the lives of tens of thousands of young people across the world – encouraging and enabling them to achieve.

Infosys goes carbon neutral in 2020

Infosys has turned 100% carbon neutral, in 2020.

In 2011, Infosys made a voluntary commitment to the United Nations to become carbon neutral. Since then, it has embraced ambitious goals and meticulous plans not just for environmental preservation, but also to develop people and serve the interests of its stakeholders.

It is committed to continuing this journey and has announced its ESG ambition for 2030.

“Our focus will be steadfast on battling climate change, conserving water and managing waste. On the social front, our emphasis will be on the development of people, especially around digital skilling, improving diversity and inclusion, delivering technology for good and energizing the communities we work in. We will also redouble efforts to serve the interests of all our stakeholders - set the benchmark in corporate governance, ethics and transparency, data privacy and information management.” Salil Parekh, CEO and Managing Director, Infosys.

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