Ali Tarhouni

President, Constitution Drafting Assembly of Libya

H.E. Dr. Ali Abdusalam Tarhouni is the President of the Constitutional Drafting Assembly of Libya, the body currently drafting Libya's post-revolution constitution. He won his seat in the assembly in nationwide elections in February 2014, and was subsequently elected President by the members of the Assembly. During Libya's 2011 revolution Dr. Tarhouni served as Minister of Finance and Oil, and Deputy Prime Minister to the National Transitional Council of Libya, and President of the High Security Committee. He also served briefly as Acting Prime Minister. Dr. Tarhouni was exiled from Libya in 1974 and sentenced to death in absentia by the Qaddafi regime, and was a leading member of the Libyan opposition in the intervening years. He holds doctorate and masters degrees in economics from Michigan State University, and a bachelors from University of Libya. He taught economics and finance at the University of Washington for more than 25 years.

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