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Birgitta Ohlsson

Member of Parliament (Riksdag), House of Parliament of Sweden (Riksdag)

Birgitta Ohlsson is Minister for European Union Affairs of Sweden and also in charge of democracy and consumer issues in the Swedish government. Her career in national politics started in 1999 when she, at age 24, was elected President of Liberal Youth of Sweden. Three years later she was elected to Parliament with strong support from her constituency in Stockholm. In 2010, she became a minister, serving as a key player in the Multi-annual Financial Framework 2014-2020 negotiations and a strong advocate for human rights, tolerance and gender equality issues. For many years, Ohlsson has been an active board member on several development and democracy-promoting organizations such as the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and the Swedish International Liberal Centre), and has served as the Chair of the Federation of Liberal Women in Sweden.