Brian Herlihy

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Black Rhino Group

The founder of Black Rhino, Brian Herlihy, has a long track record of working on projects that have a direct impact on improving market efficiencies and worker productivity. Herlihy experienced first hand the negative impact of inefficient communications on the cost of doing business in Africa. As a result, Herlihy founded SEACOM, a $600 million undersea fiber optic cable to address the greatest missing link in the communications eco-system. This international cable had a profound impact on African communication markets ushering in a data economy to replace the stagnate voice market. As a project, SEACOM had a profound impact on the communications market in Africa, increasing Internet supply by 5000% in less than two years in effected countries and acting as the catalyst for follow on investment into national fiber networks, fiber to the towers and metro fiber rings in excess of $6 billion in the countries that SEACOM serviced. During development, Herlihy learned a great deal about managing perceptions and, often, conflicting expectations of varying stakeholders as SEACOM spanned twelve sovereign countries’ territorial waters. The balancing act that pursued was intense as Herlihy led the construction of SEACOM in less than 24 months.

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