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Eckhard Cordes

President, Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations

1974, MBA, Hamburg Univ.; PhD. 1977, with Daimler-Benz incl.: 1995-96, SVP, Corp. Develop., Corp. Strategy and M&A; 1996, Deputy Board Member, 1997, Board Member, Corp. Develop. and Directly Managed Businesses. With DaimlerChrysler: 1998-2000, Member, Board, Corp. Develop., IT Mgmt and Directly Managed Businesses; 2000-04, Member, Board, Commercial Vehicles Div.; 2004-05, Member, Board, resp. for Mercedes Car Group div.; 2006-09, Chairman, Managing Board, Franz Haniel & Cie; 2007-11, Chairman, Managing Board, Metro; since 2011, Chairman, Cttee on Eastern European Economic Relations.