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Emilio Lozoya

Chief Executive Officer, Makech Capital

BSc in Economics, ITAM, Mexico; BA in Law, UNAM, Mexico. MPA in International Development, Harvard University. 1999-2001, Analyst, International Reserves Investment Department, Central Bank of Mexico. 2003- 05, Investment Officer, Structured Finance and Distressed Assets Units, Inter-American Investment Corporation. 2005-08, Director, Latin America, World Economic Forum. 2008- 20012, Chairman and Co-Founder of various investment companies. 2012-2016, CEO, PEMEX, Mexican national oil company. Currently, CEO of Makech Capital. Author of studies on monetary policy, housing markets, public policy efficiency, IT education and electoral system. Interests: development finance; macroeconomic analysis and business innovation models focused on bottom-of-the-pyramid markets; oil and gas industry; energy issues. Recipient of various Mexican and Latin American awards.