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Esam Janahi

Board Member, Vision 3

Esam Janahi is Chairman of Gulf Finance House Investment Bank (GFH). Previously, he was Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Finance House, a leading Bahrain-based Islamic investment bank. Before that, he was a Director and a Member of the Executive Management Team of First Islamic Investment Bank EC. He also held senior positions as the Head of the Institutional Marketing Group and was a Member of the Management Committee at Islamic Investment Company of the Gulf. He has also served as Assistant Vice-President for Corporate Finance and Private Banking at TAIB Bank, Managing Director of TAIB Securities and Financial Consultant at Merrill Lynch International. He is a Member of: the Bahrain Businessmen?s Association; the Bankers Society of Bahrain; the Bahrain Society for Training and Development; the Shura Council. Jahani holds a degree (with Honours) in Industrial Management from the University of Petroleum and Minerals and an MBA from the University of Hull.