Fatima-Zahra Maelainin

Vice-Curator, Casablanca Hub

Fatima-Zahra is a storyteller on an ongoing journey to explore and challenge traditional constructs of Identity. As a Psychologist, her work focuses on rethinking personal and collective narratives and examining how they shape our realities and worldviews. As a writer, speaker, and poet, she courageously embraces her vulnerability in utilizing her personal experiences to tackle questions at the soul of what it means to be Human. Currently serving as the Co-Chair of the Advisory Council at Orygen Global, the world's leading research and knowledge translation organisation focusing on youth mental health, as well as a WEF Global Shaper, she aims to build and sustain intergenerational allyship that capitalize on youth's energy and creativity and the elders' wisdom and insights, recognizing that change and progress are a result of a collective, coordinated effort that requires complementarity in ideas and actions. She's co-founded a mental health startup, served on the board of various organizations, and was invited to speak at the UK Parliament, the World Merit Summit, TEDxYouth, the Youth Kuala Lumpur Summit, and other platforms. In her free time, you’ll find her writing poetry, reading books, and avidly dabbling in her long list of interests, from photography and urban sketching, to filmmaking and language learning.