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Tim Gong Yu

Chief Executive Officer, QIYI.com, Inc.

In 1999, he became founder and CEO of www.focus.cn, a Chinese real estate website, which was acquired by SOHU.COM shortly after. At SOHU, he quickly advanced from VP to SVP and COO. He gained a good reputation and became a member of the core leadership team. In 2009, he joined Umessage.com as COO, a telephone hotline service (“12580”) supported by China Mobile. The same year that he had joined the company and under his leadership, 12580 achieved profitability. Mr. Gong founded iQIYI.com in 2010 and today, iQIYI is one of the most famous online television and movie portals in China. After the merger with PPS in May 2013, iQIYI became China’s leading online video platform and Mr. Gong iQIYI’s CEO. Mr. Gong holds a Ph.D. in Control Theory and Control Engineering from Tsinghua University.