Hao Jingfang

Founder, Fangjing Culture Studio (Beijing) Ltd

Economist, writer and social entrepreneur. Graduated from Tsinghua University with a PhD in Economics, 2013. Since February 2013, has been working with the China Development Research Foundation (CDRF) as an Economist. Extensive research and project management experience in a wide range of areas. Runs a startup in the field of child education, aiming at bring high quality general education to Chinese children. Social enterprise Weplan provides a liberal education for all children and special free educational programmes for poor children in mountain areas in China. In the future, hopes to promote educational equality in China and the world. Young Global Leader, World Economic Forum. Author; has published a series of books, including Stray Skies, Born in 1984, Go to the Far End, Into the Depth of Loneliness, Mirror of Man and Europe in Time. In 2016, won the Hugo Prize for best science fiction novelette in the World Sci-Fi Conference for the story Folding Beijing.

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