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Loh Huanqian

President's Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore

President’s Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, National University of Singapore; Principal Investigator, Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT). BSc, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); PhD, University of Colorado; postdoctoral research, CQT and MIT. Currently, Huanqian leads a research group that aims to study advanced materials like flexible solar cells and superconductors at the microscopic level. Her laboratory does so by assembling ultracold atoms and molecules like quantum “lego” blocks to construct models of materials from bottom-up. Her quantum legos would help guide the design of advanced materials for next-generation electronics and renewable energy systems for a more sustainable world. Recent awards - 2020: L'Oreal-UNESCO International Rising Talent Award. 2019: World Economic Forum Young Scientist. 2018: Recipient, National Research Foundation Fellowship (€2 million), L’Oreal-UNESCO National Fellowship. 2016: MIT Rising Star in Physics.

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