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Igor V. Finogenov

Graduate, Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute, Academy of Foreign Trade and York University, Canada; Advanced Management Program, Harvard University. 1982-87, research and design of power energy equipment, Leningrad Scientific Industrial Company; 1987-91, Economist, Energomashexport, All-Union Foreign Trade Company; 1991-93, Expert and Executive Secretary, USSR and All-Russian Chambers of Commerce and Industry committees on conversion of military industrial plants; 1994-98, Chairman of the Board, Nomos Bank, Moscow; 1997-2005, Member, Council, All-Russian Association of Regional Banks; 1998-2000, with Federal State Unitarian Company, Rosvooruzheniye including as Deputy General Director; 1999-2004, Chairman, Audit Commission, All-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; 2000-05, President and Chairman, Management Board, Nomos Bank; 2001-04, Deputy Chairman, Committee on Financial Markets and Credit Organizations, All-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry; 2005, Assistant to the Minister of Finance of Russia. Since 2006, Chairman of the Board, Eurasian Development Bank.