Yonatan Adiri

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Healthy.io

Graduate (Hons), advanced graduate programme, Tel Aviv University. Entrepreneur. Devises and executes disruptive innovation across the government and business spheres. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Healthy.io, a start-up that develops advanced image and colour recognition capabilities to enable affordable decentralized healthcare. 2008, entrusted by Shimon Peres, a founding father and at the time the 9th President of Israel, to serve as his first Chief Technology Officer; devised a creative policy of technological diplomacy, forging a set of global collaborations in the water, space, agro and biomedical fields. Unique experiences led to development of “An Era of Permanent Revolution” a management framework that stands at the core of advisory role with global leaders. President, inaugural class, NASA-based Singularity University. Co-Founder, Getaround.com, car sharing pioneer.