Kenneth Giorgio Jackson Drago

Deputy, Santiago Centro, Chamber of Deputies of Chile

Studies in IT Engineering, Catholic University of Chile. 2010-11, President, Students Federation, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (FEUC); also former Spokesman Students Federation of Chile (CONFECH), an organization formed by all public and private universities across Chile. Achieved national and international notoriety as a leader of the student movement which paralyzed the country and made international headlines. Organized and led some of the largest protests in Chile's history, and has acted as a key negotiator with the government and has testified on behalf of students at the Chilean Senate's Commission on Education. Former Coordinator, UC Center for Students and Workers, a programme designed to provide training and education to the university's staff. Former Member, National Volleyball Team. Selected as one of the most trusted political actors in Chile in a recent national opinion poll. Interests: inequality of opportunities and inequality of political power; injustice, classism and lies; using technology to carry out a democratic revolution.