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David - Lanre Messan

Founder, YaggyEnergie

David Lanre Messan is an idea strategist and creative social entrepreneur with key interests in startups, music, fashion and technology. Chief Executive of TroggeUrban Limited, a talent management, digital marketing and business project management company. Over the years, David Lanre Messan who is also known as DLM has helped improve over 100 businesses in Nigeria with home grown ideas in business concept design and strategy, marketing and branding. He has over 12 years experience in communications, marketing and executive presentations in the mainstream work and market place with LEAP Africa, Universal Anchor, Maku Sports Group, Lagos State Public Service Staff Development Center, Infinite Impact Limited. He has spoken in over 50 conferences on key economic and social topics, major amongst them are the Grow Africa Forum, World Economic Forum on Africa, SHAPE Africa, etc. He was selected as a pioneer member of the global shapers of the World Economic Forum in 2011 where he has served as a member of the Advisory council on collaboration at the global level, participated and spoke on topics that engenders the global agenda. He is the outgoing curator of the Lagos Hub. DLM is an award winning entrepreneur and some of his key recognitions are; 2005 - MTV Staying Alive Finalist, 2006 - One of 100 Best Authors of the World Bank International Essay Competition, 2007 - One of 101 ABLF Young African Leader, 2008 - LEAP Africa/Nokia Youth Leadership Award. DLM attended Lagos State Polytechnic (Mass Communications); JCI University (Business Presentation)