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Mauricio Cardenas

Minister of Finance and Public Credit, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Colombia

Economist, Universidad de los Andes. PhD in Economics, UC Berkeley. 1993, General Manager, Empresa de Energía de Bogotá, Colombia; 1994, Minister of Economic Development, Colombia; 1994-96, Research Associate, Fedesarrollo, Bogotá; 1995, Director, Capital Markets in Colombia; 1996-98, Executive Director, Fedesarrollo, Bogotá; 1998-99, Minister of Transportation of Colombia; 1999-2000, Director, National Planning Department, Colombia; 2001-03, President, Titularizadora Colombiana; 2003-08, Executive Director, Fedesarrollo; 2008-11, Director, Latin America Initiative, Brookings Institution; 2011 - September 2012, Minister of Mines and Energy of Colombia; since September 2012, Minister of Finance and Public Credit of Colombia.